Photography by Marsha Walker

Sweet Sisters, Bakersfield, California Family Photography

Sisters |

Sisters |

When I was younger, there were moments in my life that I hated being a big sister. I was annoyed that I had share everything. I got in trouble for everything she did. I had to be the responsible one. I had to do everything for her. *sigh*

BUT. Even though I may have had those moments of annoyance or frustration, I would NEVER trade her for anything in the world. My sister is my sister. The only one (outside of my parents) that has known me the longest. The one that has stuck by side and the one that, when it matters, she’s there. I cherish her with every ounce of my being and am so thankful, so blessed that I have her in my life.

While I was capturing this super sweet sister duo, I kept flashing back to my own childhood. There really is nothing better than the little inside jokes and games that sisters get to share. <3

I had a ton of fun with these super sweet, adorable and FUNNY little girls! They definitely made me laugh. (Even through the editing process!) I can’t wait to hang out with them again! 😉




  1. JoeYkim Chavez says:

    Aw! SISTERS! This is one of my favorite sessions. Too adorable 🙂

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