Photography by Marsha Walker

Hilton at Mission Bay, San Diego, California Wedding Photography

Word on the street is that sometimes, when you go looking for love… you’re going to look in all the wrong places.  Sometimes, the perfect person for you is right there, right under your nose, watching you, not even realizing themselves, that they, as well as you, are looking for the same exact thing…  Searching, reaching, longing… for that one perfect person to come along and fill your life with the beautiful, unconditional love that you yourself are wanting to give.

Then one day, this *poof* of bright light wacks you in the head (and heart) and you suddenly realize that HEY… this guy right here… one of my bestest friends, he’s THE ONE… the one I’ve been looking for… in all the wrong places… he’s right there, right in front of me!  And THAT my friends, is how this amazing love came to be.

Diane and Aaron have been friends for the longest time.   Which is one of the biggest reasons that they are perfect for each other (and even more perfect together.)  I love a great love story and this one makes my heart swell, my throat choke up, and my grin silly as silly can be.  You see, I’ve known Diane for (literally) years.  After high school, we lost touch for awhile but found our friendship to be stronger than ever as we reunited as adults.  In that time, we’ve gone through many milestones and life changing events together and she has proven to be one of my most cherished and true friends.  {Which would explain why I often find myself teary-eyed when we are all together and I can see and feel the incredible love they share.}

On what was supposed to be Bakersfield’s first triple digit weekend of the summer, Diane & Aaron treated their guests to the wonderful San Diego climate by hosting their wedding at the gorgeous Hilton Mission Bay.

As the beautiful bride was busy with her ladies getting prepped for her special day, the boys were busy hanging out, relaxing and getting the groom ready to marry the woman of his dreams.

Diane had so many beautiful little details…

Finally, it was time to get the bride dressed and headed out for the first look… isn’t Diane a beautiful bride??

During the first look, bride and groom are able to focus on each other and share a quiet, intimate moment without the pressure and distraction of a crowd.

This right here… is a classic Di laugh!  I love it!

No wedding post is complete without a few bridal party portraits…

Take a deep breath… and it’s finally time to GET MARRIED! 🙂

One of the biggest blessings of this marriage is the joining of families… Not only is Diane marrying the man of her dreams, she is gaining a son.  Nolan was a part of the sand ceremony and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house! 🙂  His smile is so sweet and sincere and touching.

Introducing… Mr. & Mrs. Warmerdam!

Party time!

It has been such an honor and blessing to have watched this romance blossom and grow from friendship to soul-mates to wedded partners!  Congratulations MR. & MRS. WARMERDAM!  May you have many beautiful years of marriage together! 🙂



Dress: Mon Amie Bridal Boutique

Venue: Hilton at Mission Bay

Coordinator/Officiant: Mary Bowerman

Florist: Mary Bowerman of Elements of Style

Cake: Flour Power

DJ: Vince of SOUL entertainment

Decor: Staci Barba of My Chiavari Chairs & Rentals

MUA/Hair: Daniella Ozuna of Split Ends Salon

Videographer: Jason Taylor of Taylor Films

Photographers: Marsha Walker-Zepeda & Jimmy Perez of The Photegé



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    Absolutely love them :))

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    Marsha, you did another wonderful job! They are beautiful, I am at ESSENTIALS and everyone is loving them!

  3. Aaron Warmerdam says:

    Great job Marsha!! Thanks for making it so easy and painless…lol

  4. Teresa Dickey says:

    They all turned out so cute!!

  5. Vicki Yaeck says:

    Beautiful Wedding!

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