Photography by Marsha Walker

The Mitchell Family, Bakersfield, California Family Photography

It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters. 


As a photographer, it’s always slightly terrifying, exhilarating & 100% flattering when another photographer asks you to capture their family.   Terrifying because you know they know “the secrets”, exhilarating because there are a bazillion talented photographers in our small town, and flattering because they chose little ole ME out of the bunch!  😀  Ahh!

The quote I chose for their photo holds many meanings for me.  Not only is completely accurate when describing family, but it’s absolutely true when thinking about our friends as well.  I feel so blessed to have met this beautiful lady this year!  We first connected on social media and then later, officially met accidentally at the dog park while out with our fur-babies!  (Valerie probably thought I was a crazy stalker lady when I called her name haha!)

Valerie is a wonderful person and a fabulous photographer.  Thank you, Mitchell family for allowing me capture your gorgeous family!  (And for putting up with my silly antics to get Shadow’s attention, ha!)

Here are a few of my favorites from this fun session! Enjoy!



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