Photography by Marsha Walker

The Kobe Family, Bakersfield, California Family Photography

bakersfield family photography

bakersfield family photography

Have you ever met a family and you instantly just feel all happy and all glow-y like you just touched a rainbow or something??

That’s what meeting any member of the Kobe family feels like!  So much love, positivity and just wholesome goodness oozes out of these fabulous people… you can’t help but to feel blessed in their presence! 🙂

I recently spent an afternoon with them capturing their beautiful spirits.  It was so much fun and so warming to watch them display so much sincere, heartfelt and true love towards one another.  *I* left feeling light, happy and excited!

THANK YOU, Kobe family for allowing me to freeze this tiny moment of time for you.  It was an absolute pleasure!  <3




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