Photography by Marsha Walker

JEH Ranch Bakersfield, California, Wedding Photography

jeh ranch, bakersfield, california, wedding photography

So I’m gonna love you
Like I’m gonna lose you
I’m gonna hold you
Like I’m saying goodbye wherever we’re standing
I won’t take you for granted ’cause we’ll never know when
When we’ll run out of time so I’m gonna love you
Like I’m gonna lose you
I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna lose you
-Meghan Trainor

jeh ranch, bakersfield, california, wedding photography

Surrounded by a multitude of family and friends, Dallen and Melody shared their vows and celebrated their forever-I-do’s with a wedding of epic proportions.

Set upon the beautiful Kern River, JEH Ranch provided the perfect backdrop for these two lovebirds as they committed their hearts and lives to each other.

The Ullrich and Molina families sure know how to throw a party! There was such a sweet spirit of love and togetherness everywhere we went.

Here are a few fun facts from this beautiful day:

  • Dallen is quite the DIY’er! Not only did he make the cross that stood at the altar, but he made the double doors that provided the entrance to the aisle as well as the coffee table that their guests signed. The coffee table will be the main centerpiece of their home and will be the most talked about keepsake from their wedding.
  • Melody’s mom found a penny to put in Melody’s shoe for good luck… that was stamped the same year Melody was born!
  • Dallen surprised his bride with a personalized hockey jersey with her brand new name… as well as a few other sweet surprises the morning of the wedding. (So sweet!!)
  • Melody’s Aunt Lynn created the gorgeous floral arrangements and Melody’s cousin Jade was the officiant.
  • The dance floor was packed all.night.long… quite possibly the most happening dance party of the year! SO MUCH FUN.

The Ullrich wedding was one of my favorites to date! Celebrate with us as we highlight some of our favorite moments!

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Dallen & Melody’s engagement story can be found here: ENGAGED


Dress: Stella York

Alterations: Mary Rita Nommensen

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal

Suits: Men’s Wearhouse

Venue: JEH Ranch

Florist: Lynn Molina

Hair/MUA: Shelton Mulhause @hairbyshelton

Cake: Tina Justine @tinascakes

DJ: Mark Perry of Freestyle Event Services

Photographer: Marsha Walker-Zepeda and Casey Hardy


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