Photography by Marsha Walker

Downtown Bakersfield, California Engagement Photography

I think the universe is on my side
Heaven and Earth have finally aligned
Days are good and that’s the way it should be…



Melody & Dallen’s love story began over three years ago at a local pizza parlor…

Melody went in to Mountain Mike’s to visit her friend who was working there at the time. As her friend filled her in on all the employees, Dallen caught her eye.

The next evening, Melody went back to the pizza place to study for exams and Dallen happened to be working. He struck up a conversation with the studious beauty and they quickly became friends.

From that point on, the three of them started hanging out together. Hockey games, at the pizza place, at home… all the while, Melody thinking that she was third wheel to the “budding romance” between Dallen and the mutual friend.

Little did she know, however, that Dallen had eyes for her.  All of the hangouts were his way of getting to know her.

Over time, little by little, they realized they were falling hard for each other and Dallen eventually asked this beautiful young lady to be his girlfriend…



When we first met, I asked if they would share their proposal story with me. They both grinned and looked at each other in a way that I knew I was in for a treat!

As they they told me their engagement story, my heart began melting into a puddle of mush! If someone happened to grab a photo of me, I guarantee you would see hearts in my eyes! 😍

After over 3 years of dating, Dallen invited Melody on a 10 day trip to Hawaii to visit his brother and his wife. They were stationed there with the Army and this trip seemed like the trip of a lifetime! Little did she know, the surprise of her life was waiting for her.

On the 7th day, the couples had plans to eat out at a local restaurant together. On the way, Dallen’s brother suggested they stop at a nearby art gallery so that they could show the lovebirds a photo exhibit they loved.

As they started exploring and admiring the beautiful art display, Melody remained oblivious to the fact that the small gallery’s owner was ushering people away from a private, secluded room that contained the best photo in the entire gallery. He invited them to come in and view the extra special display.

As Melody walked into the room, she noticed that the man in the photo looked somewhat familiar. In fact, the man looked a lot like Dallen! Could it be? Her handsome beau was famous!

Wait… a… minute… what is that in the photo? In his hand? A ring? As she turned to her beau confused and inquisitive, she discovered he had gotten down on one knee. He asked her to marry him, she excitedly accepted, and here we are today!

Tell me, how romantic is that?? Dallen orchestrated this entire event from the mainland! He contacted the gallery owner, mailed him the framed photo of himself, and pulled off one super romantic proposal that belongs in a movie!

We met downtown for their engagement session and you could just feel the love between them. Dallen and Melody share such  sweet love. I can’t wait to capture the rest of their love story next year at their wedding.

Here are just a few of our favorites… enjoy!



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