Photography by Marsha Walker

Stockdale Country Club, Bakersfield, California Wedding Photography


When Andrew first met Kathleen, he instantly liked her.  She was beautiful & sweet & they had so much in common… The only problem was, she was dating a friend of his.  They eventually broke up but he didn’t want to pursue her because of the loyalty he felt towards his friend.  So they went their separate ways and continued seeing each other around at various events.

Finally, after running into him at another party, Kathleen sent her best friend over to ask him if he was interested.  They started talking on the phone as friends when he realized that he really liked her more that that.

He finally got the courage to ask her out but discovered that she would be leaving for vacation with her friend  and wouldn’t be back for a couple of weeks.  Worried that he might have missed his chance, he nervously awaited her return…

When she came home from vacation, she invited him over to her house  and they ended up hanging out all night talking, laughing and drinking orange juice.  🙂  He fell in love… he knew he wanted to ask her to be his girlfriend but he went home and waited all day to gather up his courage to ask this beautiful lady to be his.

Fast forward 7 years… 7 years of dating, laughing, loving and growing together.  The time had come for Andrew to ask his wonderful girlfriend to be his wife.  Once the blessing came from dad, Andrew planned a beautiful weekend in Santa Barbara at the Fess Parker resort… a place that held special meaning to them as it was their first out of town trip together.  When things went awry and his romantic beach proposal didn’t go as planned, he moved to plan b and surprised her in their room with a bottle of Dom Perignon and a dazzling ring.  Kathleen accepted with an emotional and excited YES and they began sharing the news with their family and friends.

They celebrated their union with a fabulous event at Stockdale Country Club where they exchanged vows in front of their family, friends and loved ones.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Smith!  Thank you for allowing me to capture and tell your love story!  May you have many, many beautiful  and wonderful years together! <3



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HUGE thank you to Casey Hardy for being my amazing second shooter/assistant for the day! 🙂

Venue: Stockdale Country Club
Florist: House of Flowers
DJ: Kevin Rush
Cake: Tastries Bakery



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