Photography by Marsha Walker

Joe + Kimi = ENGAGED!

Every little girl daydreams about her wedding.  There aren’t many girls that can say they never envisioned the day they would be center of attention, walking down an aisle while the man of her dreams waited at the end, ready to whisk her away to create their “happily ever after”.  *sigh*  Sounds so dreamy…. 🙂

My sister and I have been planning her wedding for oh… 30 years now?  haha.  People would hear us talk and say, “Oh my!  Congrats!  I didn’t know you were engaged to be married!” which we would quickly reply, “Oh no, she’s not… but we’re just planning ahead.”  😉

It’s one of those things that you talk about so much that once that moment finally arrives, it doesn’t feel real…  And you suddenly have moments of extreme giddiness paired with waves of nervousness.

This particular engagement session has been in the works since… well, forever.  My baby sister… this is it!  She’s getting MARRIED!!!  And she’s marrying a man that is so head-over-heels in love with her that you don’t know if you want to hug him for loving her so much or slap them for being so dang cute and lovey-dovey.  hehe… 😉

All kidding aside, I am ecstatic that my sister is going to be wedding a man that is honorable, respectful and full of love and devotion for her.  Our entire family has fallen in love with Joe and we couldn’t have picked a better mate for my wonderful baby sis!

I have to say that being on this end of wedding planning is so different for me!  I am so used to being the professional… someone who captures the day… not helps create it!  EEEEK.  Talk about pressure!  BUT… I wouldn’t trade this experience in for anything else in the world.  🙂  I can’t WAIT for this wedding…. and I assure you, with my sister being so beautifully  detail orientated and thoughtful, it will be one very memorable and gorgeous event.  🙂

I wish I could show you so much more of this super romantic, beautiful couple but because of a surprise in the works I’m only able to tease you with a just a few images that we captured….  We started the session at Daddy O’s since that was where their first date occurred… and ended with a poster that I created for them using a beautiful quote that I found online.  (It describes their love for one another so perfectly…) 🙂



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