Photography by Marsha Walker

Bakersfield, California Gender Reveal Photography

gender reveal maternity session the photege

gender reveal, maternity photography

The newest trend in maternity photography?

Gender reveal photo shoots.

Gender reveals are a lot of fun to put together and if your loved one(s) live out of town or overseas, a fun photo shoot to reveal the gender of your baby is so much more fun than a “it’s a >insert boy or girl<!” phone call.

So when Erika first contacted me about coming up with some ideas for her very own gender reveal, I jumped at the chance to create a fun and original photo montage to reveal to family and friends.

Follow along and see if you can guess! 😀

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Before we headed out for the photoshoot, Erika and Jose found out the gender of their baby with their family… Here is a fun slideshow of their reactions to finding out IT’S A GIRL!

gender reveal, maternity photography

How did we do it? Follow the instructions below to re-create your very own!

  1. Ask your ultrasound tech/doctor to place the ultrasound photo with a note in a sealed envelope revealing the gender of the baby.
  2. Take the envelope to your baby store of choice.
  3. Purchase (or take with you) a bag or box with tissue paper ready to be filled with items.
  4. Get 2 baskets. One for boy items and one for girl items.
  5. Take the envelope and baskets to the register and ask for the assistance of a cashier. Explain to your helper that you are in need of their help to put together the ultimate surprise.
  6. Have them open the envelope, find out the gender, ring up the items accordingly, hide the other basket, place your items in your bag or box, then suspend the transaction. Upon your return to the register, pay for your items and head home to prepare for the big reveal!

So much fun right??

We did the same thing for my sister on Valentine’s day and it was so much fun! (Unfortunately, there are no photos of that reveal since I was SO excited, I forgot my camera! Bad sister.)  😉

Luckily, we do have a go-pro video of everyone’s reactions… there were lots of tears, jumping up and down, and laughs!

And since I’m a sucker for feel-good stories, I’d love to hear your pregnancy or gender reveal ideas/stories! 😀


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