Photography by Marsha Walker

Boston Common Engagement Session

engaged couple on a bridge in boston commons

An engagement session walk through the Boston Common in Boston, Ma

The Boston Common is the oldest park in the United States. Founded in 1634, this park has been a huge part of our nation’s great history. Surrounded by the city and gorgeous trees, it’s a wonderful spot for a stroll with your love. If you’re planning a visit, make sure to check out all the must see spots!

In their words:

“We felt as if we had a personal photographer for much more than just one session. Things didn’t always go as planned, we had to wake up at crazy hours to catch sunrises, outfits didn’t always coordinate with the weather but we made it work thanks to our positive photographer. I never had to worry, it genuinely felt like I had a friend the entire time. We explored all our favorite dating spots in two of our favorite cities, Boston and New York.

Our engagement session was like taking a walk through our love story all over again but this time someone was there to capture it. From the very beginning we knew we wanted our photos on the East Coast. We spent so much time together there that it only felt right to do so. The moment we met Marsha, we knew she had to be the one to take this journey with us.  The entire trip was fun and full of travel adventures. We didn’t just take pictures, we had fun while doing it.

When the pictures arrived, we were in awe- they were perfect, they were everything we envisioned.

We even used them for our save the date magnets and invitations. We had so many amazing photos and it was so hard to choose our favorite as every single one told a different story for us.” – Kristy & Steve

One of the most memorable things of this part of the trip was the weather reporter.

There’s a man that sits in the center of the Common in the morning and he shouts that day’s weather forecast for all the passerby’s to hear. He had such a positive demeanor and it was such a fun way to start the day!

Fun fact

When I was a little girl, I fell in love with a TV show called Cheers. This show inspired me to grow up and own my own bar. I had big dreams of owning a family style pub. Clearly, that dream fizzled as I grew up.

Imagine my surprise… on our walk through the Common, we walked by Cheers on Beacon Hill. I had a complete fangirl moment and had to get a photo! Originally known as The Bull & Finch Pub, this is the original pub that inspired the popular 80’s show!

cheers on beacon hill, boston commons

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